Computer Union Co.,Ltd.
The company is a subsidiary of Saha-Union Public Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1982. It has since evolved from a small hardware provider company into one of the most notable IT Solution Provider in Thailand.

Saha-Union International (GA) Inc.
The leading manufacturer of polyester sewing thread in the USA. We use the highest quality material, state of the art machinery, and the best skilled technicians in the industry.

Union Button Corp., Ltd.

The first button manufacturer and exporter in Polyester, Laser, Zinc, Wood, Coconut, Shell, Pearl, Inject, Jeans, Rod, etc.

Union Plastic Public Co.,Ltd.
UP main business is a contact manufacturer of industrial plastic parts formed by thermal injection. The company's products supply to the production line of automotive, electrical appliances, electronic components and household products.

Union Pioneer Public Co.,Ltd.
The Manufacturer of Rubber Thread, Rubber Tape, Elastic Braid and Elastic Webbing.