Special Feature

End Up To Top (ET)

Description: The end of the yarn tied up on the top of the cone.


Tie End Up (TI)

Description: The end of the yarn tied on the middle of the cone.


Trail End (TE)

Description: Leave the length of the end of the yarn about 30 cm.


Rounded Edges (RE)

Description: Make the edges of the package soft by using our pressure machine which the shape of yarn look similar like “Pine apple” after pressed. The purpose is to help in dyeing process.


Heat Set (Steaming)

Description: Using the hot steaming machine in order to fixed the yarn torsion. Our machine were controlled the temperature at 130 Celsius for Spun and 120 Celsius for Core Spun.


Oiling (Lubrication)

Description: The features of the yarns for subsequent processing by using lubrication the co-efficient of friction of the yarns are Reduces; this eliminates abrasion, dust and fly.